Author: Valerie Batiajew

TRA:WELL Final Conference!

This week, pupils from our cooperation schools, their teachers and our guests met and exchanged ideas at the TRA:WELL final conference. There were exciting insights into the project results from our project team and a panel discussion with representatives from the BMK, the City of Vienna, Korneuburg and the healthcare sector. The highlight was the […]

TRA:WELL @Walkspace

The Austrian conference for pedestrians(04-05.06.2024, Seestadt Aspern) was held in 2024 under the title“Active mobility by foot in the neighborhood – transformation of public spaces & liveable street spaces”.Juliane Stark and Sandra Wegener presented: -Does walking make you happy? The connection between active mobility, physical activity and the well-being of children (“speed dating”, exchange & […]

Step challenge: motivation works!

In the one-day step challenge between our three TRA:WELL schools, one school emerged as the clear winner:The pupils of Billrothgymnasium won the challenge with an impressive average of 18,700 steps/person.The students from Krottenbachstraße achieved an average of 11,400 steps/person and the students from Korneuburg achieved an average of 8,000 steps/person.The pupils from Billrothgymnasium were delighted […]


Shun Su presented the paper “Analysis of Physiological Responses of Children to Active Travel” at TRB 2024 in Washington D.C. (Shun Su, Juliane Stark, Reinhard Hössinger, Yusak Susilo). The paper provides exciting insights into the relationship between active mobility, subjective perception (e.g. fatigue, stress) and other route-based factors (e.g. companion) and the heart rate of […]

TRA:WELL at the 15th Austrian Cycling Summit

As part of the 15th Austrian Cycling Summitaccording to the motto “Cycling for all”Juliane Stark presented in the keynote speech“Cycling – healthy and environmentally friendly – but still not my cup of tea!” Juliane Stark presented some of the results of the TRA:WELL project.In the subsequent panel discussion, we joined Bettina Schützhofer (sicher unterwegs), Paul […]