The first project phase in TRA:WELL: successfully completed


In December 2022, the project team conducted interactive workshops in all cooperating schools. One goal was to inform the students about the process, the questions and the methods in TRA:WELL. However, the focus of the workshop was on the joint development of a survey instrument that is suitable for recording the physical activities and mobility behavior of students. In small groups, the students discussed how the questionnaire should be designed in a clear and comprehensible way for their age group. The ideas were presented and discussed with the researchers. In this way, the children provided valuable feedback for the ongoing preparation of a larger survey.
Another focus of the workshop was the topic of “well-being”. This is a complex topic from a scientific point of view and includes various dimensions. Children discussed their own definition of well-being and together collected influencing factors that affect their personal well-being in everyday life.

Workshops conducted
Questionnaire designed
Surveys organised


Following the workshops, the students’ input was analyzed and integrated into the design of an online questionnaire. This is currently in the programming phase.
A special feature is that the programming team itself consists of three pupils. Under the guidance of the team of researchers, TRA:WELL actively involves students in the MINT field (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology) and enables them to gain their first practical experience.
practical experience.



From April 19 to May 17, 2023, the data collection on mobility and physical activity behavior will be carried out with the pupils of the cooperation classes. For this purpose, the children will fill out a mobility and activity diary over 7 days.
In parallel, sensor data will be collected using an activity tracker. During the implementation, the pupils will be regularly supported by the researchers.

Based on this, the anonymized analysis of the mobility and activity data will take place in summer 2023 and a new project phase will start, focusing on the children’s attitudes and motives for mobility-related decisions.
Parents will also be involved in this phase.

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